Topic 0: country great wealth inhabitants subsistence town towns
East India companyTopic 1: great empire proportion people support interest part
CompanyTopic 2: company trade stock companies private joint established
BanksTopic 3: money paper bank circulation country sum bills
Paper moneyTopic 4: produce annual labour industry increase productive quantity
ColoniesTopic 5: great number good greater public find people
AmericaTopic 6: colonies great britain america colony british tobacco
BritainTopic 7: silver gold coin quantity money greater standard
Gold and SilverTopic 8: trade capital foreign goods country employed consumption
SilverTopic 9: wages labour common workmen employments year employment
CoinTopic 10: system natural occasion manner regard frequently order
GoldTopic 11: money cent bank exchange paid state currency
MoneyTopic 12: great state part present times government considered
TradeTopic 13: corn years price market bounty real scarcity
LabourTopic 14: price quantity market demand labour proportion rise
LabourersTopic 15: law parish laws security man give master
WagesTopic 16: people small expense generally poor rich inferior
CornTopic 17: war time army standing ancient peace military
WarsTopic 18: profit interest stock profits rate natural employed
RomansTopic 19: revenue expense public people general society principal
ProfitTopic 20: mines greater part metals precious silver europe
InterestTopic 21: part paid ordinary called equal manner greater
StockTopic 22: rent land landlord produce tax part houses
RevenueTopic 23: improvement land greater produce cattle cultivation part
MinesTopic 24: capital revenue stock part society money goods
HouseTopic 25: tax taxes duties revenue pay taxed fall
RentTopic 26: bounty sea years salt barrel reduced herrings
Cattle and CornTopic 27: sovereign authority europe order ancient king frequently
LandTopic 28: justice court law degree altogether person order
AgricultureTopic 29: england france account greater countries french supposed
CapitalTopic 30: pounds hundred year thousand debt millions years
TaxesTopic 31: labour work materials occasion made number order
Feudal governmentTopic 32: nations east european indies time india principal
JusticeTopic 33: exportation goods importation foreign home duties duty
FranceTopic 34: society man men naturally body thing scarce
DebtsTopic 35: price present shillings times twenty wheat ten
East IndiesTopic 36: established church clergy people good influence magistrate
BountiesTopic 37: countries commerce europe market produce country industry
CustomsTopic 38: manufactures great manufacture wool produce industry linen
ClergyTopic 39: public education part common life taught universities